Core Art of Hosting Practices

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DIALOGUE according to David Bohm
Original proposition



Here is the short article that gives you a quick overview of how to set up and run a World Café. More information can be found on the WorldCafé website – under Resources. (also translations available) cafetogo.pdf



  • The original document which gives you a clue how it was originally used and how it came into being. 100623 The Pro Action Café.pdf
  • This is the latest version, updated after using it a lot all over the world by Toke Møller. “Here is a updated description of the Pro Action cafe that I have enjoyed to practice and initiate in many parts of the world in 2010 and I have incorporated my learnings into this description. The very powerful wise blend of Open Space Technology and World Cafe works in a very good way in any context it seems. Once again, thank you to Rainer and Ria for giving birth to this wicked and powerful process and let us keep sharing our experiences and learning as the practice evolves and find it next level and deeper applications.”
    “From my experience in facilitating processes and completion, the Pro Action Café is a breakthrough approach to resolution and clarity. It became ‘my tool’ for working in groups.” Marcello Lacroix
    101121 The Pro Action Cafe 2p.pdf – a 2 page document
  • 100623 The Pro Action Cafe 3p.pdf – a 3 page document with some more context
  • And a nice graphic, made by Sonja Niederhumer created at AoH Karlskrona – summer ’10. Benjamin states: “I found it helpful when
    coaching the participant-hosting-team on the PA Café.”
  • From the Art of Hosting training in Zagreb, early 2011, there is a slideshow available.
  • Thanks to the Hub Amsterdam we now have a beautiful video from a Pro Action Café in action!
  • There is a conversation about regular Pro Action Café’s here, with news from all over the globe.


  • Collective Story Harvesting as developed mostly by Mary Alice Arthur and Monica Nissen
    110312 Collective Harvesting of AoH Practice Stories.pdf
  • This Group Story Harvesting document has now grown to 18 pages!  It captures our practice to date and contains two case studies — one on how to use the method with one systemic story and one on how to harvest many stories simultaneously. As Toke wrote: “this is one wicked process – with much future in it. Every time we use it is amazes me how simple, profound and potent it is for transfomational mind and heart shifts.” and a quote from a participant: “We used it in Tasmania with Toke, Monica and Phil, and it was good. Sandra and I told the story of bringing AoH here. It was powerful to tell as a story teller with such beautiful listening. I still keep the notes of the listening to my story for inspiration and staying awake. Best wishes.”  110914 Collective Harvesting of AoH Practice Stories.pdf
  • Collective Story Harvest To Go document and PDF – for those who aren’t familiar with the Art of Hosting community but are interested in this process. Inspired by the World Cafe To Go document. Some language changed a bit from my travels with the process with non AoH groups.  
    • Storyteller Support document– to help the Storytellers prepare.
    • Collective Story Harvest Host Guide – I share this with the hosts ahead of time and have it printed out for them during the session (and walk them through it at the in-person host briefing).
    • Wisdom Catcher sheet example – for times when people need to harvest on 8.5 x 11 paper – I do up a sheet for each theme and print them on different colours (e.g. Pivotal moments all yellow, leadership all blue etc) which helps when they gather in their like groups.